How to Unlock New Candy Crush Saga Episodes

Hello guys, today I am gonna show you how to unlock the new Candy Crush Saga episodes without asking your friends of buying some in-app purchases. Yeah, you heard me right… After spending some time, I finally figured out a way to get it done.



Using Candy Crush Saga Mod APK:

There is a modified version of CCS game floating around. They are calling it Candy Crush Saga Mod APK! I did checked it and to my surprise it actually worked. Unlocks the new episodes as well as provides some extra moves, lives etc.

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Putin Thinks Russia is on the road to recovery

President of the Russia, Vladimir Putin thinks now Russia is on the road to recovery after facing the worst economic troubles. Actually the start of the Russia’s economic problems was the Ukraine issue – Now things are cooling down and Russia’s tie with west are also cooling down. Putin also said this: “Things will get more easy if West start thinking of Moscow as an equal partner and not a vassal.”

Putin Thinks Russia is on the road to recovery

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